About Us

"Holy Metamorfosis of Nafpaktos Brotherhood"

This initiative, for the best organisation of the public, religious and charity action of Christian clergy, monks and laity, was started on 10 November 1989, by a small number of volunteers of Nafpaktia.  It received its first official legal status, by decision number  7 / 13-01-1990, of the Multi-member Court of First Instance of Mesologi and since then to this day proceeds with its multiple activities, to the general benefit of society at large, with the participation of a significant and constantly increasing number of volunteers and sponsors.

As founder and originator of the establishment of the specific private law body, Archimandrite Mr.  Spiridon Logothetis, Abbot and founder of the Holy Metamorfoseos Church, at Scala of the Municipality of Nafpaktia, defined missionary, social and charity activities as the main purpose of the organisation since its establishment, with his spiritual guidance. 

In more detail, the fundamental statutory purposes, include the following:  The completion of the building premises of the Holy Metamorfoseos Church at Scala of Nafpaktia, the provision of assistance to the monks of the monastery, the study and promotion of the Orthodox teaching, the missionary activities for the propagation of the Orthodox faith, the exercise of  charities, the staffing of camp services and the particular care and Christian aid to young people, the publication of various prints and books etc.

The cooperation in common efforts with various organisations, public or private, such as institutions, schools, universities, monasteries, parishes, metropolises, associations, scientific societies, successfully continues to this day since 1990.  Various bodies, in Greece and abroad, cooperate and create joint activities in the framework of the religious, charity and social purposes that have been set since the establishment of the Metamorfosis Brotherhood.

In this website, there is an attempt for the promotion of the specific work, for communication with those interested in contacting us, but also give the opportunity to whoever wishes to do so to donate, on-line, for various charity and social purposes of the Brotherhood.

We would like to thank in advance everyone contributing to our difficult work and pray that may Our Lord Jesus Christ always protect them.

For the Holy Metamorfosis of Nafpaktos Brotherhood

The Secretary

Archimandrite  Dr. Ignatios Stavropoulos